Book for Testing at the Airport Terminal

COVID19 Test by RT-PCR is now available at Kempegowda International Airport using PerkinElmer High Throughput RT-PCR giving results in 4 to 5 Hours*, Abbott ID NOW giving confirmatory results in just 30 to 40 minutes* and Rapid Antigen Test will be issued within 30 to 40 minutes* from time of testing.

Note:  *Conditions Apply.

Rapid RT-PCR is not available for passengers arriving from UK

Govt Guidelines for International Arrivals

List of Countries from where travellers would need to follow additional measures on arrival in India, including post-arrival testing (Countries at-risk) (Updated as on 7th January 2021)
  1. Countries in Europe including The United Kingdom
  2. South Africa
  3. Brazil
  4. Botswana
  5. China
  6. Ghana
  7. Mauritius
  8. New Zealand
  9. Zimbabwe
  10. Tanzania
  11. Hong Kong
  12. Israel
  13. Congo
  14. Ethiopia
  15. Kazakhstan
  16. Kenya
  17. Nigeria
  18. Tunisia
  19. Zambia

The list of countries is being updated regularly based on the prevalent epidemiological
situation of COVID-19 in these countries including circulation of Variants of Concern.

Check your Covid-19 antibodies to know 

 Antibodies are good cells produced by our body’s immune system to fight-off bacteria or viruses in our body. 
They are produced when our body is exposed to Virus or Bacteria due to infections. Vaccination also generates antibodies in our body. 
Antibody tests are serological tests which detect Antibodies in our blood. 
Covid-19 Antibody Test is a highly Sensitive Test for Antibody detection. 
Covid-19 Antibody test does not help to diagnose Covid-19 but can reveal if a person was exposed to Covid-19 Virus. 
This package contains 2 tests 
1.Covid Antibody IgG 
2. Covid Antibodies – Total 
Sample Type : Blood
Cost : Rs.1000/ per Sample 
Home Sampling : Available 

Cost for Home Sampling : Rs. 400 for 1st sample, Rs.100 for subsequent samples (During same order)

Reports : Soft Copy of the report will be available within 24hours. 
Note: Covid-19 Antibody test is Not equivalent to Covid Test (RTPCR or Antigen)
           Covid-19 Antibody test report is not valid for transport purpose